How to browse in our site

When found on the homepage of our website and if your interest has been aroused and you would like to come across to more information then, just browse on it. In the upper part of it and above the subtitle, you can come across links which are able to guide you to the respective pages.

Browse on “OUR PHILOSOPHY“, it’s worth it.

In “OUR BOXES“, you come across to photos from boxes from a variety of different constructions in terms of shape and design. By observing them closely, as well as the photos and messages, you are able to customize your own personal construction or just choose from the existing ones.

In “OTHER WOODEN CONSTRUCTION“, you are provided with ideas for different kinds of constructions (apart from boxes).

Clicking on “E- SHOP“, we provide you with indicative prices for the constructions in order for you to be aware of the charges.

The “CONTACT US” option is the ways we communicate with each other.

Additionally, in the lower part of the page, you can find more links which are able to provide you extra useful information concerning the use of the website and the purchases.

In every page of the website, you will be able to find the same options in the upper and lower part of it, so you will always have control of your search.