The idea

Our 20year experience in the design, contraction and the proper fitting of the furniture, in combination with our personal artistic nature, have all led to the creation of this particular artistic attempt “the box of wishes”.

The idea of combining art with the customer’s personal taste and artistic inspiration will definitely lead to amazing creations, where the shaping, colour, images as well as the messages or wishes you would like to convey, will all be of your own choice.

On the one hand, you are able to provide us information concerning the construction you would like to create, while on the other hand, we are the ones who will definitely enrich and finally perfect it, either by adding your beloved images to them or by convening your own personal messages.

This is the way how we are going to eventually create unique, beautiful, useful, and fully customized constructions, where your personal ideas and taste will have taken into great consideration.

You desire what you want to create and we are the ones to bring it to life.

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